Cashback Programs

Shop online in the reward partner program and get rewarded with points each time you shop. In the last two years we paid members over $1 million in cash rewards so start shopping today to turn your points into cash. It's a great way to make money online!

As well as Australia's favourite place to take WDYT surveys, is your one stop online loyalty cash back shopping site with Australia’s biggest and best retailers, where you can find lots of choice in the one place.

  • Buy clothes, shoes, dresses and baby clothes
  • Find computers, consumer electronics and all the latest technology
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  • Arrange your next holiday, rental car or hotel
  • Find the right mobile phone or broadband plan
  • Get into the latest sporting equipment and fashion

Now, you don’t have to search all over the net to find the products you like or to earn money online. Find them here at the WDYT Reward Program and get rewarded each time you make a purchase.

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