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Would you rather work from home or in an office?
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  • Total votes: 1026
  • Poll ended: Tue 28 Feb. 2017, 4:30 PM

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Poll Comments (454)

Comment by maria290

Sun 20 Nov. 2016, 11:56 AM

Would be much easier and calmer working from home.

Comment by rj014

Sat 12 Nov. 2016, 6:58 AM

i have done both and for me it has to be a mixture.at home you have distractions no back-up and everyone seems to think you are free for visits or errands.at an office you have more facilities ,people to consult with ,comprehensive records,and companionship.the drawback of the office is the wasted travelling time getting there and back

Comment by Marcia1945

Sun 06 Nov. 2016, 8:27 PM

I do volunteer work as being elderly I would go nuts if I had to stay home all day.

Comment by ChloeD

Thu 03 Nov. 2016, 5:37 PM

I'd prefer to get out of the house! The same 4 walls 24/7 wpuld get monotonous!

Comment by michellepope

Thu 03 Nov. 2016, 1:08 AM

I think i would find it hard to be motivated to prepare myself like i do for work and not get side tracked or sleep in !
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