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  • How does the What Do You Think reward program work?

    To participate in the What Do You Think reward program, you will need to submit a valid registration. Once we have confirmed your registration, you can earn rewards by responding to relevant email promotions, and by viewing onsite promotions. You can then start making money online by using the rewards you've earned to redeem rewards such as gift cards, movie tickets or real cash online straight into your bank account. 

  • What is a Premium Membership and how does it differ from Regular Membership?

    Premium Membership is 100% Free and gives you more opportunities to earn rewards. You will also have the opportunity to participate in special Premium Member only promotions. As you receive more invitations to participate in online promotions, you will be able to earn more rewards.

  • Are there any restrictions for membership?

    You must be an Australian resident, and you must be at least 16 years of age to register as a WDYT member.

  • How can I earn more Rewards?

    You earn Rewards by responding to the email promotions we send you.

    Another way to ensure you are earning as many rewards as possible is to regularly update your profile modules. As well as earning rewards for each module you complete, you can improve your chances of receiving more emails if you have a wider range of interests.

  • Does What Do You Think have a Facebook page?

    Yes, WDYT has a Facebook page. You can access the WDYT Facebook page here. As well as keeping up to date with everything that is going on at WDYT, you can also use the With the you can earn and redeem your rewards all while using Facebook. Like us on Facebook here.

  • I’ve registered with the wrong email address. What should I do?
    Log in to the Account section of using the incorrect email address you registered with and password, then follow the instructions to amend your email address in the Account area of the website.
  • I have submitted a Poll suggestion – how will I know when it will be published?
    You will receive an email notifying you of when your suggestion will be published on the site. We encourage you to forward this email to your friends so that they can take part in the voting process.
  • What is a post?
    A post is any entry submitted to the forum.
  • Do I earn Rewards for voting on a Poll?

    Unfortunately, rewards are not given for participating in a Poll. You can earn rewards by completing profile modules, and by clicking on the promotional emails we send you.

  • Is the What Do You Think online rewards program legitimate?

    Yes, is a legitimate online reward program. We offer our members rewards for participating in online promotions about the latest products and services in Australia. We reward our members quickly and our members receive over $70,000 in reward each month. Click here to find out more about

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