How WDYT Works

How Does it Work?

By becoming a member of WDYT, we will reward you for letting us know what you think! You will be rewarded for your participation with:

  • Real cash deposited into your bank account
  • Retail gift vouchers

It's simple really. All we ask of you is to respond accordingly to the emails we send you, and we will give you rewards in return. The emails may require you to enter a competition, or you may only need to click on the emails and read them. The rewards you receive from these email responses can then be exchanged for real cash or retail gift vouchers!

Our members mean everything to us, which is why your privacy is of the utmost importance. We will never supply your personal or contact information to anyone. For more information please visit our privacy policy page.

Not a Member? Join WDYT now to receive your rewards by giving us your opinion.

Want to know more? Visit our FAQs page.