General Questions (4)

The answers on most common questions are described below.

WDYT is an Australian owned and operated business who has worked in market research and online rewards for more than 10 years. From mid 2019, WDYT has new owners who are committed to delivering a great experience for our members.
Simply register for free by providing your name, email, phone, year of birth, gender and postcode. We collect this information in order to ensure you receive surveys that are relevant to you, and we can contact you in relation to your account (according to our privacy policy).

Once you have registered, please take the time to more comprehensively complete your profile - the more information we know about you, the more likely we’ll be able to send you relevant surveys. The more surveys you complete, the more rewards you receive.

Once you have accumulated reward value of $25, you are able to redeem it for a voucher from a range of premium partners (or receive cash as a direct transfer into your nominated bank account).

What Do You Think, has and always will be free to join. It’s a safe and reliable platform for you to voice your opinion and be rewarded for it.
As per the WDYT terms of use, you are only allowed to register and maintain one account.

Our platform has a number of ways in which we monitor for breaches of our Terms of Use, including fraudulent activity, multiple accounts, and survey quality.

If we discover you’re running more than one WDYT account, each of the related accounts will be suspended, all rewards will be forfeited and you will be blocked from the WDYT service.

Redeeming Rewards (3)

To redeem rewards, please:

1. Login to the website;

2. Go to the redemptions section - this section will only be available if you have more than $25 in your WDYT account.

3. You can choose to redeem a voucher from a retailer of your choice from our rewards partner at Giftpay.

For voucher redemptions, typically you will receive your voucher in your email inbox within 24-48 hours.

For cash redemptions into your bank account, this would take up to 10 business days to be processed.
Please contact us straight away and we’ll be in touch with our rewards partner to get it changed.
We are only able to deposit a redemption into a bank account in your name, or a joint account where you are one of the account holders.

This policy is in place to ensure that no one can redeem your WDYT balance except you.

Troubleshooting (9)

Simply log in using the incorrect email address you registered with and password, then go to the Account section and amend your email address to your correct email.
Don't worry! Visit our forgotten password page to reset your password. You'll need your registered email address. If you don't know your registered email address, contact our support team for assistance.
As a preventative measure, we generally do not allow this. If you have a compelling reason for wanting to change your name, please contact our support team.
Yes, you can change your password via the Account section of the website. If you have forgotten your WDYT password, please visit the forgotten password page.
Please login to the site and amend the appropriate information at the Account page.

Please note, you can earn rewards for keeping your profile up to date, so check back regularly to see how much you can earn.
Sometimes technical errors happen, we’re only human. Sometimes it takes a while for the reward to appear, so please be patient and check your transaction history.

If you completed a survey and believe that you didn't get paid for it, please contact our customer service team.

Remember to include as much information about the survey as you can, including the name of the survey, date of completion, and what went wrong.
There could be two reasons as to why this might be happening:

1. No surveys are available. Surveys are only sent based on your profile information. Please remember that not all surveys are the same and each survey has a different profile requirement, so it’s super important to keep your profile updated!

2. Emails are going to your junk/spam folder. Please make sure you mark WDYT emails as a safe sender to ensure that survey invitations are hitting your inbox.

3. Inbox folder is full. Sometimes invitation bounce back if the inbox is full.
Depending on the reward option you select it may take us a few days to organise transfers, these time periods are shown to you at the time of selection. If you’ve still received no redemption, this could be due to incorrect bank details where there could be a small error in your banking information. Unfortunately, we can't detect this mistake until we’ve tried to deposit your money and the bank has rejected it.

Please make sure to review your bank details. If a redemption is rejected, it can take up to 14 days for the banking institution to notify us. Once this happens, we do notify you of a failed redemption.
You can unsubscribe from WDYT via the Account section of the website. Additionally, at the bottom of each email we send to you, there is a link to unsubscribe from the service. Please note that when you unsubscribe, your account remains in a grace status for a period of 14 days, during which you can reactivate your account if you change your mind. Once this grace period has expired, your account is permanently terminated, and your reward balance will be forfeited.

Surveys (6)

FAQ's related to surveys, how they work, etc.

If a survey is relevant to you, we will contact you via email. You are also able to see all relevant and available surveys by logging into your account.

We also have plans to develop and launch an app sometime in the near future. Once this is available, we’ll also be able to notify you via in app notifications. Once an app is available for download, we’ll let you know.

Please note - many of our surveys only require a certain number of responses - once a quota has been achieved, you’ve missed the chance to have your say and receive your reward. As such, we highly recommend that you respond to the survey as soon as it is received.
Each survey has different requirements and in order to collect valid information, we try and match respondents as closely as possible to the requirement of the survey. This is why it’s very important to keep your profile updated so that you receive the appropriate survey based on your personal information and preferences.

Whilst we aim to match survey requirements to our members, we select people within the relevant sample randomly, so that everyone has the same chance of receiving surveys and building rewards .
Wherever you have an internet enabled device that you can receive the survey emails. You could be at home, on the train, at work, at school, or at the beach!

Most of the surveys that we have on our website are device agnostic and can be completed on either computers, tablets or mobiles. If there is a special requirement, we will spell it out in the survey invitation so please read the invitation carefully prior to attempting to access the survey.
The reward you receive for each survey completed varies depending on a number of factors including but not limited to how long the survey is and the type of survey. If you receive a survey however it is found that you do not qualify for any reason, you will also be paid a small screener fee.
Most of the surveys run on WDYT are conducted by market research agencies who are commissioned to conduct surveys on behalf of their clients. These clients may range from small local businesses, larger national or multinational corporations, government bodies or not for profit organisations.

Please note, we take privacy very seriously. The information you provide in your survey responses is used for research purposes. We NEVER give your personal information to anyone outside our company, including our clients unless you specifically provide it in a survey.

For more information about how we handle your data including personal information, please see our Privacy Policy.
If you haven't logged in and completed a survey in the last 3 months, your WDYT account will be considered inactive and may be suspended.

If your account is suspended, you may forfeit your rewards and most of your valuable profile information.

The reason for this is in order to ensure you receive relevant surveys, and we are receiving valuable responses, we need to ensure your information is current. If you have not been active for a long period of time, we are unable to be certain that the information we hold is accurate.

Before your account is suspended and rewards balance forfeited, you will receive an email inviting you to log in and confirm your account is still active. If you don't respond for this email, your account will be deemed inactive and may be suspended.
LTS (long-term support) means that your design opportunities will grow for free. Intense will get regular updates in the form of new child themes, pages, and features, which will let you keep pace with all the web innovations.

Privacy and Security(1)

We take privacy and data security seriously.

Your profile information, including all Personally Identifiable information is encrypted both in transit and at rest, and stored in our cloud platform. The WDYT platform technology is independently verified and certified under ISO 27001:2013. (ISO27001:2013 is an international standard for implementing, maintaining and improving an information security system).

For information relating to how we handle your data, please review our Privacy Policy, available here.

If you would like to contact us regarding privacy, please contact us at